Apartment Tour: plants

A splash of natural green against a cool, white backdrop. 

I always try to add some life to any minimally decorated room and I find that doing so really warms each space considerably. Plus, in a simply arranged room a houseplant becomes much more of a statement piece, rather than another accessory.


Planted ferns, simple bamboo stalks in a clear glass, or tiny potted cacti are easy-to-care-for choices, a factor which absolutely must be considered for those of us who lack that enviable ' green thumb '.  Other indoor houseplants that are hardy and hard to kill include spider plants, peace lily, and ZZ plants. 

If you're REALLY struggling to keep your houseplants alive, though, maybe go for the indoor gardening system that takes care of itself: check out Click + Grow, the smartest flower and herb garden on the market, as far as I'm concerned. Added bonus - you'll have fresh herbs and flowers year-round.